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The mechanical diaphragm metering pump is a motor that drives a worm gear pair to make a variable speed movement through a direct drive. Under the action of a crank connecting rod mechanism, the rotary motion is converted into a reciprocating linear motion. The so-called diaphragm metering pump uses a specially designed and processed flexible diaphragm to replace the traditional piston, and realizes reciprocating motion under the action of the driving mechanism, thereby completing the suction to discharge process. Due to the isolation effect of the diaphragm, the isolation between the metered fluid and the driving lubrication mechanism is truly realized in structure. Since its diaphragm bears the pressure on the medium side, the maximum discharge pressure of a mechanical diaphragm metering pump generally does not exceed 1.2MPa.
The mechanical diaphragm metering pump is supported by a solid, anti-vibration foundation. The foundation is higher than the ground, one side of which is washed by water, and is also easy to repair. Enough space around The mechanical diaphragm metering pump is reserved to facilitate pump maintenance and adjustment.

There are mounting holes at the bottom of the mechanical diaphragm metering pumps for mounting anchor bolts.

The mechanical diaphragm metering pumps installed outdoors should be covered by a canopy.
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