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Correct operation process of metering pump


Introduce the correct operation process of the metering pump

During the important use of the metering pump, the maintenance and failure of each metering pump can be easily combined into groups. For example, in the maintenance of the inlet and outlet , if there are 5000 times of loss and replacement in one delivery, no particles and high influences are affected. Under normal circumstances, the valve group only needs to pay attention to the suction position of the valve group in the next sequence; time to wear. Whether the working position of the gasket is correct, otherwise it will not work properly.
Correct operation process of metering pump
1. Preparation before starting the pump
①Check all dosing processes;
②Start the pump to check whether the amount of oil in the metering pump is appropriate, and whether the brakes and pressure are fully used in front of the meter;
③ Before officially prescribing the medicine, the dissolving medicine pool should be filled up, and the risk of the inlet and outlet of the measuring pump should be opened. Before starting the pump, use the net dosing, all of which are used. During the pumping , observe the change of the pump, observe the operation of the pump dosing and whether there is leakage of the valve parts;
④ Caused by particulate matter, harm to people and the environment.
2. Run
① The pharmaceutical formula requires prescription and issuance, and the measurement and inventory channel is opened;
②According to the added dose, after adjusting the stroke of the metering pump, start the metering pump. Do a good job of starting the pump, adding the name of the drug, and adding the metering record.
3. Outage
①For the metering pump that has been out of service for a long time, replace it with the medicine in the application to prevent the pump from being stopped and blocked or blocked. If there is no problem, the pump is potentially dangerous to close the inlet and outlet;

② Regularly clean and replace the lubricating oil in the gear box of the metering pump.