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Reasons and solutions for the dosing metering pump unable to dispense liquid medicine


The metering pump is often called a dosing metering pump, a machine used to measure the liquid to be conveyed, and is often used in various types of pharmaceutical addition equipment, so it is also called a dosing pump. The following will introduce the reasons and solutions for the dosing metering pump not being able to dispense liquid medicine, as follows:
A. The filter and the medicine feeding pipe are blocked. Solution: just clean;
B. The ball valves of the medicine inlet and outlet are blocked by foreign objects. Solution: just clean;
C. The ball valve of the medicine inlet and outlet is not well sealed and leaks. Solution: Twist the ball valve forcefully a few times to make it tightly combined with the base;
D. The sealing ring of the inlet and outlet is loose or falls off. Solution: Be careful when checking, there are 4 up and down;
E. The diaphragm is damaged. Solution: replace and reinstall;
F, the connecting rod block is stuck. Solution: One is to repair, disassemble the connecting rod set parts, smooth the rusted parts with a file and add lubricating oil; the other is to replace the connecting rod set with a new one;
G, the motor burned out. Solution: replace

H, the adjustment cam is adjusted to the "0" position, and the medicine cannot be dispensed even if the flow rate is zero. Solution: Adjust the adjustment cam so that the scale is not 0.