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Which occasions is the diaphragm metering pump suitable for?


Since the electric diaphragm metering pump has many characteristics, the diaphragm metering pump in the world has gradually invaded the market of other water pumps since its birth, and occupies a part of it. For example, diaphragm metering pumps have taken a dominant position in the paint and ceramic industries, while in other industries, such as environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sewage, and fine chemicals, they are expanding their market share and have other metering pumps. irreplaceable status.

Various highly toxic, flammable and volatile liquids;
It can transport higher temperature medium 150℃;
Various strong acids, strong alkalis and strong corrosive liquids;
As a front-stage pressure feeding device for various filter presses;
Hot water recovery and circulation; all kinds of porcelain shaft grout cement grouting mortar mud;
The metering pump sucks kimchi jam, mashed potatoes, chocolate, etc.;
Metering pump suction paint, gum, pigment adhesive;
Oil tanker, oil depot, oil product loading and unloading;
All kinds of rubber pulp latex, organic solvent, filler;
Hops and baking powder slurry, syrup, sugar dense;
Use a metering pump to absorb the sewage and remaining oil in the tanker and barge for clearing the tanker barge;
Metering pump sucks sewage and sediment in mines, tunnels, tunnels and sewers;
The suction of various special media.