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How to prevent the metering pump stroke positioning motor from burning?


The metering pump, also known as the proportional pump, is realized by changing the stroke of the plug conveniently and accurately by adjusting the eccentric distance of the eccentric wheel when the liquid delivery volume is changed.
⒈ Remove the 4 screws that fix the pump head. The screw location is on the back of the metering pump.
⒉ Check if the drain pipe is installed and the drain valve is closed? The drain valve needs to be opened during the priming phase of the metering pump. NOTE: Not all metering pumps have a drain valve.
⒊ Install the pump head after the diaphragm is installed and the leakage discharge hole of the back plate is placed in a vertical position. Make sure that the suction valve is aligned with the leak drain hole and the screw on the liquid end is aligned with the corresponding 4 holes.