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Matters needing attention in using metering pump (Part 3)


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8.No medicine will be discharged after the metering pump is started for the first time. Please evacuate the air in the inlet pipeline (water diversion and exhaust) first.
9.Only adjust the stroke when the pump is working, and set the stroke length to 100% (in actual operation, it is recommended to adjust the range from 30% to 100%).
10.Before starting the machine, ensure that the outlet pipeline of the metering pump is unobstructed (the valve is fully open), otherwise the metering pump and related pipelines will be damaged.
11.Stop the metering pump before shutting down the system, and then close the outlet valve.
12.Before use, please ensure that the metering pump has been filled with lubricating oil to the middle line of the oil standard or slightly higher. It is recommended to use 220 # diesel oil as lubricating oil. For the oil used in extremely cold areas, the telecommunications company is required.