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The company's leading products - metering pump


Electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump Mechanical diaphragm metering pump plunger metering pump hydraulic diaphragm metering pump pneumatic diaphragm pump automatic dosing device equipment, etc.
Metering pump is a volumetric, mechanically operated reciprocating metering pump. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper-making, light industry, agriculture, water plant environmental protection and other industrial and scientific departments, it is responsible for measuring and adding various media in the process. According to different media requirements, different liquid end materials are selected, the standard configuration is PVC material, and 304, 316, PVDF and other materials are selected.
JCM/JWM/JXM/JZM series metering pumps can deliver corrosive or non-corrosive liquid media such as solid particles with temperature of-15℃ ~ 60℃ and viscosity of 0.3~1000cps. The rated displacement of the pump is in the range of 10 ~ 3600 L/h, and the corresponding maximum output pressure is 1.2 ~ 0.3 MPa. The outlet displacement of the pump can be adjusted by rotating the handwheel. Whether the pump is running or not, 0% ~ 100% can be adjusted, or the adjustment knob can be locked. In the flow range of 30% ~ 100%, the steady-state accuracy is 1%. It is a metering pump with simple structure, low energy consumption, accurate measurement and practicability.
JCM/JWM metering pumps can be equipped with 220V or 380V motors. JXM/JZM metering pumps can be equipped with explosion-proof motors or variable frequency motors as required. Please refer to our product selection samples for the model specifications and parameters of the pump.