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What problems should be paid attention to when installing metering pump


When the metering pump is in use, it should not exceed the rated pressure, which will easily damage the pump. In addition to the use, there are some problems that need attention when installing the metering pump, and the installation problems will also affect the use of the metering pump.
1. The bottom valve filter needs to be installed at a distance of 5-10cm from the bottom of the liquid level, so as not to be blocked by sediment and damage the hydraulic part of the metering pump;

2. Install the pump at the top of the barrel. This method is very suitable for metering pumps with small flow, because it solves all the startup problems;

3. If the pump is used to add sodium hypochlorite and hydrazine, or other chemicals that are easy to produce gas, the metering pump should be placed in a cold and dark place to avoid direct light;

4. For outdoor installation and use where the drainage pipe may be directly exposed to sunlight, we recommend users to use black pipes that can prevent ultraviolet radiation;

5. The injection point is located at the top of the pump or the top of the barrel. For the normal operation of the pump, it is better to cooperate with the injection valve;

6. The injection valve should have a certain extension. If no extension is needed, it can be cut off.

7. It is recommended to install pulsation buffer in the outlet pipeline of the pump to reduce the system impact caused by flow pulsation. The pulsation buffer can control the pump outlet flow pulsation in the range of plus or minus ten percent. Choosing a buffer with excellent performance can control the pulsation to plus or minus two percent. If the pulsation buffer is not installed, and the outlet pipeline adopts the same diameter as the pump outlet, the pulsation flow characteristics of the pump will cause vibration and impact to the pipeline, resulting in instrument damage, pipeline rupture and pipeline vibration noise. At the same time, the output flow of the system is unstable.