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Plastics Electric Diaphragm Pump
  • Plastics Electric Diaphragm PumpPlastics Electric Diaphragm Pump
  • Plastics Electric Diaphragm PumpPlastics Electric Diaphragm Pump
  • Plastics Electric Diaphragm PumpPlastics Electric Diaphragm Pump
  • Plastics Electric Diaphragm PumpPlastics Electric Diaphragm Pump

Plastics Electric Diaphragm Pump

The Plastics Electric diaphragm pump is a new type of pumps. In recent years break-through progress has been made in the diaphragm material, so more and more industrialized countries in the world have adopted such a pump type to replace some centrifugal or screw pumps to be applied in such industries as petrochemicals, ceramics and metallurgy. Plastics Electric diaphragm pump are applicable for low pressure applications, namely the outlet pressure ≥3kgf/cm2.

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Product Description

China quality Plastics Electric Diaphragm Pump Factory

1. Product Introduction of Plastics Electric Diaphragm Pump

Our modular design plastic Electric diaphragm pump housings are milled from PE, PTFE, PP or PVDF and are resistant to almost all chemicals as a result. Thanks to the smooth diaphragm surface, the pump technology allows for particularly gentle material delivery. As a result, these double diaphragm pumps are particularly robust and can be operated at temperatures from -40°C to +120°C. In addition, delivery pressures of up to 6.0 bar are possible. Viscous media up to max. 20,000 mPas are easy for our electromechanical double diaphragm pumps.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Plastics Electric Diaphragm Pump

DBY is new developed series of Dongkai pump which is also the third generation, it has the virtue of long service life and nonstop operation, not only it can convey some uneasy flowed medium, with the merits of self pumping pump, diving pump, shield pump, slurry pump and impurity pump etc.
1. it is unnecessary to pour the drawing water, the suction lift reaches 6m height, the delivery lift reaches 70m length.
2.wide flow and good performance. the diameter allowed to pass the max grain reaches 10mm, the damage is very less to the pump while exhausting the slurry and impurity.
3.the delivery lift and flow can pass the pneumatic valve open to realize the step less adjustment( the pneumatic pressure adjust ment is between 1-8 bar)
4. the diaphragm separates the working medium from the pump is moving parts compeletely, so the medium will not leak outside. it will not result in environmental pollution or endanger personal safety when transportng toxic, volatile or corrosive media.
5. no electricity. it is safe and reliable while using in the flammable and explore places.
6. it can be soaked in medium
7.it is convenient to use and reliable to work. only open or close the gas valve body while starting or stopping. even if no medium operation or pausing suddenly for long time because of accident matters. the pump will not be damaged caused by this once over lading . the pump will automatically stop and possesses the self protection function. when the load recovers normallly. it also can start automatically
8.simple structure and less wearing parts. this pump is simple in structure, installation and maintenance. the medium conveyed by the pump will not touch the matched pneumatic valve and coupling lever etc. not like other kinds pumps, the performace will drop gradually because of the damages of rotor., gear and vane etc.
9. it can transmit the adhesive liquid( the viscosity is below 10000 centipoises)
10. this pump need not the oil lubricant , it has any influence to the pump. this is a characteristic of this pump

• Water and waste water management
• Ceramics industry
• Surface engineering
• Marble and stone works
• Shipping, offshore
• Automobile industry
• Machine construction
• Pigment production
• Paper industry
• Mining
• Paint and lacquer industry
• Steel industry
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Refineries
• Power plants

3.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Plastics Electric Diaphragm Pump

7. FAQ

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory, and our factory has the independent research and development capacity

Can the equipment be installed under hot weather?

Can Your products be installed under the cold weather?

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