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Solenoid Dosing Pump Manufacturers

Dongkai’s solenoid dosing pumps are the smart choice for water treatment processes where precise, consistent chemical dosing is essential. From potable water treatment systems to chemical dosing for agricultural applications, you’ll always find a perfectly-matched solution within our comprehensive solenoid-driven dosing pumps range.
Solenoid dosing pump is the use of electromagnetic push rod driven diaphragm in the pump head reciprocating movement, causing the pump head chamber volume and pressure changes. Changes in pressure caused by suction valve and discharge valve opening and closing, to achieve quantitative liquid suction and discharge. A magnet moves the solenoid shaft forwards and backwards by switching on and off. This stroke movement is transferred to the diaphragm in the dosing head. Two non-return valves prevent the feed chemical from flowing back during pumping. But that’s not all. The stroke length and stroke rate can be adjusted to alter the capacity of a Dongkai solenoid dosing pump.
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