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Zhejiang dongkai pump technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, research, production and sales of Metering pumps, Metering Pump Accessories, complete sets of dosing equipment and other series of products.

Large-scale water treatment fields, petroleum, chemical, power plants, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, food, laboratory and other industries in water treatment projects and chemical dosing processes and proportioning systems are exported to all parts of the country. Products involved in industrial and mining enterprises, urban environmental protection, petrochemical, food, industrial water treatment and purified water, pharmaceuticals and other industries.


Five-axis machining center, three-axis machining center, CNC machine tool, radial drill, grinder, milling machine, general lathe, engraving machine, plastic injection molding machine, etc.


Annual sales of 15 million


For customer projects and product needs, in order to ensure the safety of equipment, normal operation and quality assurance services, the company formulates corresponding technical services, warranty period services and training plans, and provides customers with corresponding technical guidance to meet on-site installation, commissioning, and operation , Quality assurance requirements. All equipment is equipped with corresponding instructions, which include start-up, standard and daily maintenance guidelines, common failure solutions, and installation drawings.

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