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Promoting the improvement of quality and efficiency in sewage treatment, Zhejiang Dongkai Pump Industry's technology metering pump is taking action


The apricots by the Wanshu River bloom with a fresh night's breeze. It is the good season of March, with a gentle breeze and warm spring flowers blooming. People rush to the fields with the pace of searching for spring, seeing clouds, mountains, and a handful of clear springs. In early spring, whether it is the rivers and lakes in the scenic area, or the streams between the secluded mountains and forests, there is an endless stream of spring hikers. People stand by the clear water of the stream, meet the wind, and make friends with flowers, indulging in the romance of spring alone.

The clear water of the river adds a radiance and clarity to the early spring scenery. However, more than a decade ago, clear and clean rivers were rare. According to the 2013 Zhejiang Provincial Water Resources Census Bulletin, the per capita water resources in Zhejiang Province were only 1760 cubic meters, approaching the internationally recognized warning line of 1700 cubic meters. Although Zhejiang ranks fourth in terms of water resources per unit area in China, due to 80% of its water resources being distributed in mountainous areas, the densely populated and economically developed eastern Zhejiang is a key water shortage area.

Zhejiang's water resources are characterized by a large supply and demand gap, prominent structural contradictions, severe pollution, and low effective utilization rate. At the same time, most of the rivers in Zhejiang Province have accumulated silt and garbage, the water body is black, smelly and smelly, and the river bank is connected to the sewage outlet. water pollution is relatively serious. The harsh current situation of river water bodies has seriously affected the ecological environment of the riverbank and the normal life of residents around the riverbank. At the same time, the heavily polluted water bodies have exacerbated the occurrence of infectious diseases, which can easily affect the physical health of surrounding residents.

On May 27, 2014, Zhejiang Province set up the "Five Water Co governance" service group in Zhejiang Province, and deployed the "Five Water Co governance" technical service work of the province in the same year, firmly grasping the five tasks of sewage treatment, flood prevention, waterlogging drainage, flood protection, and water-saving, implementing comprehensive improvement of river and lake water systems, improving urban and rural living environment, and promoting the comprehensive coverage of urban sewage pipe networks...... After several years of efforts, water pollution in many places in Zhejiang has been improved, A large number of processing plants that illegally discharge sewage have been banned, and the river channels are no longer foul smelling and full of garbage. The sewage treatment industry has achieved remarkable results.

On April 2, 2015, the State Council issued the "Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control", requiring all parts of the country to vigorously promote ecological civilization construction, with improving water environment quality as the core, comprehensively control pollutant emissions, strengthen urban and rural pollution control, promote agricultural and rural pollution prevention and control, and strengthen ship and port pollution control. At the same time, using water control to drive economic structure transformation and upgrading, truly achieving "green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". With the joint efforts of relevant departments of local governments and all the people, as of 2020, China's water environment quality has been improved in stages, with a significant reduction in heavily polluted water bodies and a continuous improvement in the level of drinking water safety assurance. Streams are clear and shaded by green trees.

At present, the pace of sewage treatment is still continuing, and digitalization of sewage treatment has gradually become the development trend of sewage treatment methods. Multiple sewage treatment projects are gradually adopting intelligent modular sewage treatment systems to design and produce according to the goals of engineering assembly, assembly modularization, and module standardization. At the same time, a large number of sewage treatment projects are undergoing digital supervision, using high-tech escort to ensure the safe production of the project.

In addition, the metering pump, as a precision instrument for conveying constant flow liquid, is also applied in sewage treatment engineering. Taking hospital wastewater as an example, hospital wastewater needs to undergo testing and analysis of various indicators, estimate the type and content of bacteria, and undergo disinfection treatment before it can be discharged. Through comprehensive analysis of factors such as hospital wastewater quality, water temperature, and contact time with disinfectants, the dosage of disinfectants can be determined. High precision metering pumps, such as Zhejiang Dongkai Pump Industry Technology Co., Ltd., can be used to transport disinfectants and purify water quality, Realize zero discharge of wastewater.

Zhejiang Dongkai Pump Industry Technology Co., Ltd., as a well-known brand in the liquid dosing industry, has excellent product performance and excellent product quality, making it the best choice for major sewage treatment manufacturers.

Water governance benefits people's livelihoods and promotes development through water revitalization. China's sewage treatment industry is still continuing. Zhejiang Dongkai Pump Industry Technology Co., Ltd. will make every effort to do a good job in the production and supply of all products and contribute to the sewage treatment work.

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