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Different classifications of metering pumps


Metering pump is also called quantitative pump or proportional pump. The metering pump is a kind of special volume pump that can meet the needs of various strict technological processes, and the flow rate can be adjusted steplessly in the range of 0-100%.
The metering pump is a kind of fluid conveying machinery, and its outstanding feature is that it can maintain a constant flow regardless of the discharge pressure. Using a metering pump can complete the functions of conveying, metering and adjustment at the same time, thereby simplifying the production process. Using multiple metering pumps, several media can be input into the process flow for mixing in accurate proportions. Due to its own prominence, metering pumps have been widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields.
⒈ According to the overcurrent part
(1) Plunger, piston type (2) Mechanical diaphragm type (3) Hydraulic diaphragm type
⒉ According to the driving method
(1) Motor drive (2) Electromagnetic drive
⒊ According to the way of work
(1) Reciprocating (2) Rotary (3) Gear
4. According to the characteristics of the pump
(1) Extra large frame (2) Large frame (3) Medium frame (4) Small frame (5) Micro frame
Other classification methods: electric control type, air control type, heat preservation type, heating type, high viscosity type, etc.
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