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Automatic Dosing Device

Automatic dosing device is a device that often needs to continuously and automatically inject one liquid into another liquid to become a mixed liquid in the fields of electric power, water treatment and so on. The types of automatic dosing devices include double pump single control combined type, three pump double control combined type, etc. Next, we will introduce the relevant contents in detail.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Automatic Dosing Device

The integrated chemical preparation dosing system -- automatic dosing device is an intelligent, automatic, continuous and integrated dry powder mixing and dosing device. The system is composed of water supply system and automatic control system.
The device is a fully automatic continuous configuration and dosing system for powdery chemicals. The dry powder agent enters the premixer from the screw propeller at the lower part of the hopper to premix with clean water, and the wet material enters the preparation tank for dilution and mixing, and the preparation is carried out according to the concentration required by the user;
When the liquid level of the storage tank is at a high level, the preparation process will stop automatically, and when the solution drops to a low level, the batching process will start automatically. The mixing tank and curing tank are equipped with agitators to ensure the dilution and ripening of chemicals. The flow rate and concentration can be determined by adjusting the inlet flow rate and adjusting the screw shaft speed.
The device is controlled by PLC, with high degree of automation, stable performance and simple operation.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Automatic Dosing Device

Automatic Dosing Device Product Structure
The Automatic dosing device integrates online sensors, intelligence control instrument, precise screw pump, counterbalance valve, safety valve, damper, specialized chemical container and relative accessories.
Integrated Automatic dosing device can handle pre-set proportion feeding easily, and can also automatically match the quantity of liquids according to specific procedure parameter (namely PH, ORP and residual chlorine), pre-set concentration or consistency range.
Product Features
Compact structure
Small floor occupation
Convenient for transportation, installment and maintenance.

Industrial circulating cooling water system;
Heating and circulating water system;
Landscape circulating water system;
Circulating water system of swimming pool;
Various industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treatment of dosing disinfection.

3.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Automatic Dosing Device

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