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Automatic Tracer Dosing System
  • Automatic Tracer Dosing SystemAutomatic Tracer Dosing System

Automatic Tracer Dosing System

Low Price Automatic Tracer Dosing System Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. In order to control the corrosion and scaling of circulating water, it is usually achieved by adding a certain concentration of corrosion and scale inhibitors. In order to obtain good water treatment effect, besides selecting excellent formula, the key is to control the concentration (effective content) of water stabilizer within the specified range. At present, most domestic circulating water systems generally use manual dosing at regular intervals, and the effective value of the concentration of the chemicals in the water is obtained through analysis, and the opening of the metering pump is adjusted based on this. Or by measuring the amount of sewage discharge and water replenishment at the site, dosing the chemicals according to a certain proportion. Because of the large volume of the system, the lag of analysis data, the limited analysis frequency and the leakage of the system, it is still difficult to control the concentration of water stabilizer stably within the industrial index range. In view of the above problems and user requirements, our company designed a scheme of adding water treatment agent by using fluorescence tracer technology, which uses advanced tracer technology for automatic dosing. When you use this Automatic tracer dosing system, as long as the tracer produced by us is added to the water stabilizing agent used in your factory, your agent will become a tracer water treatment agent. During operation, it is only necessary to introduce the backwater of circulating water into the sampling water inlet of the controller. At this time, the effective components of the medicine in the water are monitored by the fluorescent tracer at any time, displayed on the display screen of the instrument and effectively controlled.

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Product Description

Low Price Automatic Tracer Dosing System Manufacturers and Suppliers in China.

1. Product Introduction of Automatic Tracer Dosing System

Tracer dosing device indirectly measures the concentration of chemicals in circulating water by measuring the concentration of tracer, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic analysis and dosing. At the same time, through expanding the installed automatic monitoring instruments such as PH meter, ORP meter, conductivity meter, turbidity meter, etc., relevant signals can be collected to DCS to monitor the whole process of circulating water system.
operating principle
The tracer adopts advanced fluorescence tracer technology, which firstly traces the corrosion and scale inhibitors. After the reagent is added, when circulating water flows into the water sample collector through the bypass, the tracer reagent is activated by the monochromatic light of the instrument, producing fluorescence, and the fluorescence intensity has a linear relationship with the concentration of the reagent. The instrument adopts a stable low-power light source and a high-precision photoelectric converter, and the dimming light is reflected to the photoelectric converter to generate a weak current, which is amplified by a high-power amplifier and processed by a single-chip microcomputer and then outputs two 4-20mA current signals: one 4-20 mA current signal is sent to the tensile machine, which can enter the machine for dialogue and realize automatic supervision; Another 4-20 mA current signal is used to control the dosing pump. According to the manually set control value, the instrument can use PID to output control, and when the error is large, it can be adjusted by fuzzy algorithm to eliminate PID saturation integral phenomenon. When the error is getting smaller, the improved PID algorithm is used to adjust, and some features of the controlled object can be automatically learned and memorized during the adjustment to optimize the control effect. Its output control signal directly controls the dosage of dosing pump, and the actual dosage and the consumption of chemicals in circulating water reach a dynamic balance. At this time, the active ingredients in the medicine can be monitored by the controller at any time, so as to complete automatic dosing.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Automatic Tracer Dosing System

1. Through the principle of fluorescence tracing, no matter what state the system is in, the effective components of water treatment agent can be directly detected. The measurement error is less than plus or MINUS 0.1mg/1(1mg/1) and the control error is less than plus or MINUS 0.5mg/1(5mg/1).
2.BTSJ circulating water automatic dosing system has more obvious advantages in a system with multiple make-up water pipelines or sewage discharge that is not easy to control.
3. It is especially suitable for developing low-phosphorus and non-phosphorus formulations.
4. At the same time, it is convenient to upgrade the original non-automatic dosing, so that it can become fluorescence tracer dosing.

Ambient temperature


control accuracy



Relative humidity


Output signal



220v/380v 10%

sampling water pressure


Power supply frequency


sampling water flow rate


Measuring range


Measurement accuracy

0.1mg/l (1mg/l)

The Automatic tracer dosing device is widely used in petrochemical industry,power industry and circulating water system.

3.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Automatic Tracer Dosing System

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