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Precautions for the use of metering pumps


Installation and precautions of mechanical diaphragm metering pump
1. The pump is not filled with oil before leaving the factory. When it is used for the first time, please fill in the lubricating oil that came with the goods. It is advisable to add the oil to half of the oil window on the left side of the pump. 30#-50# gear oil can be selected for later maintenance and replacement.
2. Connect the motor to the power supply and check the rotation direction of the motor. An arrow on the motor indicates the correct rotation direction of the motor. Do not run the pump empty, the motor should be grounded, and the power supply voltage should be stable. No phase loss, otherwise the motor will be burned.
ideal suction stroke is within 1.5 meters .
3. The maximum pressure of the outlet pipe is not greater than the maximum rated pressure on the pump nameplate.
4. The outlet line pressure must be higher than the inlet line pressure, otherwise siphon will occur.
5. This pump can only be used to measure liquid medium, not gas or solid.
6. When the drug to be added may react with water (such as concentrated sulfuric acid), the pump cavity must be drained before starting the pump (there will be a small amount of water in the pump head when leaving the factory)
7. After 1500 hours of initial use, the lubricating oil should be replaced, and after 4000 hours of operation, it should be replaced once.
Mechanical diaphragm metering pump troubleshooting and disassembly:
1. The pump can run but no liquid : Check whether the pipeline is blocked, clean the check valve at the inlet and outlet, and check whether the diaphragm is damaged or deformed.
2. Small flow : the suction filter and suction pipe are blocked, the position of the suction end is too high, the fluid viscosity is too high, the valve is too dirty or damaged, the diameter of the suction pipe is too small, the outlet pressure is too high, and the stroke length is set incorrectly.
3. Oil leakage from the support hole of the pump head: check the oil seal

4. Power on and not running : The motor is damaged or the gear box is worn and stuck.