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The Role of Dosing Pump


With its excellent performance, dosing pumps can handle a variety of complex media, including high viscosity, high density, highly corrosive, high temperature and high pressure fluids, so their application scenarios are extremely wide. The following are the main functions and functions of dosing pumps in practical applications:

1.Precise metering capability: The dosing pump is embedded with a high-precision flow sensor and an advanced metering control system to ensure accurate flow monitoring and control under various working conditions and provide accurate fluid metering data for the process.

2.Stable and reliable transportation: The dosing pump has stable flow and pressure output performance, and can maintain a stable transportation state even under complex working conditions, effectively avoiding transportation fluctuations caused by changes in medium properties.

3. High-precision process control: Dosing pumps can achieve high-precision control of fluid flow through advanced metering control systems, which is crucial to ensuring the stability of the production process and the reliability of product quality. This high-precision control makes dosing pumps widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

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