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Matters needing attention in using metering pump (Part 2)


1.When installing the PVC pipeline of metering pump (remember not to put the glue into the valve body, and then install the metering pump after the pipeline glue is completely dry). When installing metering pump and welding stainless steel pipeline (welding slag or sundries must not fall into pipeline and valve body). Falling in foreign matter may cause a series of problems, such as no water from metering pump, which may cause the metering pump to be damaged in severe cases.
2.The pipe diameter of the whole system pipeline should correspond to the diameter of the pump. Do not reduce the diameter. The pipeline should be as straight as possible, with fewer elbows or valves.
3.The diameter of the outlet pipeline must be greater than or equal to the standard diameter of the corresponding metering pump, otherwise it will cause problems such as insufficient flow and pressure of the metering pump.
4.Ensure that the outlet pipeline pressure of the metering pump is higher than that of the inlet pipeline. If the outlet pipeline pressure is lower than that of the inlet pipeline, a back pressure valve shall be installed at the outlet of the metering pump to reduce the overflow transportation caused by siphon and gravity flow and ensure that the metering accuracy of the pump is not affected.
5.It is recommended to install a bottom valve with a filter screen at the inlet of the pump, and the bottom valve should be installed at a position more than 5-10CM away from the medicine barrel, so as to prevent impurities in the liquid medicine from blocking the inlet of the pump and damaging the pump, and the suction range should be controlled within 1.5 meters. Do not arbitrarily change the connection mode of the pump.
6.Calibration column, damper, back pressure valve, safety valve and pressure gauge must be installed correctly to avoid the phenomenon of overpressure water hammer, which may cause vibration or abnormal damage of pump.
7.The one-way valve of the pump is not allowed to be wrapped with raw material tape (PTFE tape). Do not tighten it too hard during installation, otherwise it will easily cause rupture and leakage.